“As a young pastor, I had a long list of ‘things they never taught me in Seminary’ about running a church. Church isn't a business, but it takes business acumen to succeed. Nathan has done a wonderful job of putting together a manual that I wish I would have had as a pastor. If you're looking for a field guide for the things you didn't learn in seminary, this is your book.”

-William Vanderbloemen, CEO and Founder, Vanderbloemen Search Group


 “I quickly found I was unique among pastors, because I came out of the business world into vocational ministry, yet still there were things I constantly had to be learning. The church, regardless of size, is a complex organization, but leading a church today is even more complicated than when I began as a pastor. The world is more complex than it once was. The demands upon a pastor’s time are more intense. Nathan has provided a helpful resource for pastors and church leaders to do the business side of ministry. This is a resource, which should be kept close and referred to often.”

-Ron Edmondson, CEO, Leadership Network


"Nathan Freeland’s Church Business: Making the Business of Church Easier, Simpler, and Much Less Painful is a crash course on staffing, finance and building an effective board. If you are a pastor who is comfortable with spirituality but confused by a spreadsheet, then this is the book for you!"

-Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church and author of Hero Maker: 5 Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders


“Church and business...we struggle to put these two words together. Perhaps that is why there are so few resources on the subject. What I wouldn't give to have read this book when I became the Executive Director of a church 15 years ago. Church Business is an essential read for every church leader. Whether you're a Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Elder, Board Member, operations staff member or serve in a ministry leadership role, Church Business will equip you with practical insight and relevant support to understand the business of the church.”

-Jenni Catron, Leadership Coach and Founder of The 4Sight Group


 “Psalm 20:4 is a life verse to me: ‘May God grant you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.’ In my experience as a coach and consultant to pastors, very few have a plan to accomplish their dreams and desires to lead healthy, growing, community impacting churches. Sadly, most pastors are not trained to be successful in the business side of ministry. Thus, they are often disheartened and discouraged. I would love for every pastor – young and old – to have a copy of this book, Church Business, written by my friend Nathan Freeland. Within its pages lies practical wisdom and advice to advance each local church to achieve its goals and accomplish its mission. I encourage you to add this practical tool to your leadership toolbox and refer to it often for guidance and assistance. Applying the wisdom contained in these pages will help you avoid unnecessary headaches and pain. The stories – both good and bad – provide common sense recommendations that will enhance your ministry effectiveness. I suggest you read, apply, and purchase several copies to share with your pastor friends!

-Ed Funderburk, Former Executive Pastor, Gateway Church, Southlake, TX, Ed Funderburk Coaching and Consulting, edfunderburk.cc


"The business side of leading a church is something many pastors struggle to navigate, and yet, it is vital to the success and health of the organization as a whole. Nathan has put together an incredibly insightful and practical guide which I believe will help take the frustration out of some of these areas of leadership, and ultimately give pastors back some of the time and energy they have spent spinning their wheels in the past. If you are looking to strengthen your leadership in this area, this book is a valuable resource you’ll want in your arsenal."

-Kevin Stone, Executive Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Royersford, PA, and Founder of Executive Pastor Online